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GE® 100% Silicone Caulk 12 piece CLEAR


GE® Supreme Silicone Kitchen & Bath Caulk


The shower doesn't have to be off limits for a full day. By developing strength and adhesion quickly, GE® Supreme Silicone Kitchen & Bath caulk can be exposed to water in just 30 minutes without washing away. Some caulk requires you to wait a full day or longer before using the shower or the caulk might wash away. GE Supreme Silicone Kitchen & Bath won't put a ripple in your bath schedule. 


The mold-free product protection helps keep the cured caulk mold- and mildew-free and looking clean for 10 years, with regular cleaning. Mold is not only an unsightly and embarrassing problem to have in the kitchen or bathroom, but it might also lead to health problems. Some caulk might claim limited protection, but GE® Supreme Silicone Kitchen & Bath caulk is formulated for increased protection.


·         100% ilicone

·         Non-paintable

·         Limited Lifetime guarantee

TYPICAL USES: Showers, tubs, sinks, tile, countertops, fixtures, and other plumbing applications

ADHERES TO: Most ceramic tile, laminate, glass, metal, plastic/fiberglass, and granite



Unlike most non-silicone caulks (water-based, acrylic, siliconized acrylic and latex), 100% silicone is permanently:

·         Waterproof—non-silicones can break down in water over time.

·         Flexible—non-silicones can become less flexible and can even freeze at low temperatures, making them more likely to crack.

·         Shrink-proof—non-silicones can shrink as the caulk dries, which can cause cracks over time.

·         Crack-proof—non-silicones can harden, crack and crumble over time when exposed to extreme heat and the sun's UV rays.

Colors and Sizes Available



10.1 Ounces







MEETS FEDERAL SPECIFICATIONS: TT-S-00230C; TT-S-001543A/ATSM C-920, Type-S, NS, Class 25, use NT, G, A & O test requirements

30-MINUTE SHOWER-READY: Exposure to water possible in as little as 30 minutes with bead size maximum of 3/16", temperature minimum 65° F, and humidity minimum 50 percent. Otherwise, caulk should not be exposed to water for eight hours. Do not touch or clean caulk for 24 hours.

10-YEAR MOLD-FREE PRODUCT PROTECTION: Cured sealant is resistant to stain-causing mold and mildew.


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Not all caulk is the same. Because silicone is permanently waterproof, flexible, and shrink-/crack-proof, unlike most non-silicone caulks, it won't leave gaps or cracks for air and water to seep through over time. Those leaks can lead to water damage, mold growth, and higher energy bills—all of which can translate into your lost time (when you have to do the job again), lost energy, and lost money.